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The scamps strike back!

Posted on: January 28, 2024

Just over two years ago we had the honour of being approached by the award-winning film maker Terry Abraham. who had already been volunteering with one of our rangers helping our ‘scamps’ and put his project idea to us.

We didn’t hesitate for a second once we heard Terry’s ideas and more than shared his vision offering any and all the support we could to help get the project off the ground. Many months later, and with Terry having spent days on end in every weather all the seasons throw at us, Terry’s film started to come together.

The main aim of Terry’s film was to show the plight of our red squirrels, the challenges they face and just how dedicated and committed those involved with red squirrels are to safeguarding their survival. There may be a slight touch of bias when we say that the end result is incredible with the film being hailed a great success with a flag firmly being stuck in the ground for the red squirrels.