About The P&DRSG

We were founded in 1994 by local people concerned that they would lose their red squirrels if something was not done about grey squirrels encroaching and becoming established as they had in the rest of England.

The group became a registered charity in 2006 and has a growing network of supporters, members and volunteers plus dedicated ‘Red Squirrel Rangers’.

Individuals of the group had been volunteering to remove the rare grey squirrel prior to 1994. Sadly, it soon became apparent that the grey squirrel was becoming prevalent where they once never existed, and the first cases of squirrel pox presented in Cumbria’s red squirrel populations.

Through the groups’ consistent squirrel management programmes, the much loved iconic red squirrels can survive and thrive into the future however, overcoming many of the challenges the grey squirrels bring is no mean feat.

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P&DRSG Areas of Operation


It is without doubt the success of P&DRSG’s work for red squirrels to date has helped protect these enchanting creatures. This could not have been achieved without effective grey squirrel management and the support of our members, local landowners and volunteers.

Red squirrels are now present throughout most of the group’s woodlands, and we also hear from many members who are now enjoying the company of red squirrel visitors to their gardens.

The regular income from membership helps us to plan our work activities and our aim to sustain red squirrel presence in this glorious part of Cumbria.

Every penny of our donations and membership is spent on red squirrel conservation with the main objective being to protect one of the last places in England where native red squirrels still exist in the wild.