1. Spot Greys

  • If you see a grey squirrel please report it as soon as you can. Our best hope of protecting our reds is to keep the greys at bay.
  • This service is completely free of charge though a donation is always appreciated.
  • The phone numbers for local contacts are on the Report sightings page.

2. Feed your Reds

The Group supports supplementary feeding of red squirrels provided it is continuous, does not encourage them to cross busy roads or to encounter cats.

  • Apart from the pleasure you will get from watching them you will also help them survive and thrive.
  • A fit squirrel can often have more than one litter in a year therefore helping the population to grow and prosper.
  • Please remember that, like us, they need a balanced diet not just peanuts.

3. Get involved

  • Become a member and encourage others to join too.
  • Hold an event to raise money.
  • Start a local sub group in your village/area.
  • Give some time, helping with stalls at shows and events.
  • Volunteer & be responsible for grey control in your area (full training and support will be provided as required).
  • Host or find a home for one of our charity collecting boxes.

4. Send Money